What are the Different Types of Treatment for Breast Cancer?

breast cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most dangerous types of cancers today, it’s also the most common cancer in women with rates as high as 25.8 per 100,000 women in India alone. Though it’s normally associated with women, men are also prone to this malignant disease. The presence of this cancer is marked by abnormalities in the form of lumps around the breast area. Earlier there was not much research done in the area but now there are dedicated institutions using advanced technologies to cope with the disease.

Breast cancer treatment will depend on a couple of factors. These will include the type of breast cancer you have, then the stage and pace of its progression, your health, your age, diet, are you a smoker or consume alcohol and more. Your cancer specialist will access all your past health records along with these details and other delicacies of the patient to devise a treatment plan.

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Generally, a Breast Cancer Treatment In India involves the following procedures-


Surgery for breast cancer works on the same principle as any other cancer surgery. The removal of the tumor along with some surrounding area is the basic idea behind the surgery. Also, your oncologist will examine the nearby axillary lymph nodes under the patient’s armpits to see if the cancer cells have reached there or not. Breast cancer surgery is of two types-


The medical procedure when only a part of the breast which is affected by cancer along with the surrounding area is removed. Lumpectomy is generally followed by radiation therapy to remove any traces of the cancer cells left.

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While lumpectomy affects only a portion of the breast mastectomy removes the entire affected breast. How much skin is removed will depend on your doctor’s assessment. Breast restoration surgery follows to restore the patient’s natural appearance.

Radiation Therapy-

Radiation therapy uses high-intensity X-rays or any other rays to destroy the cancer cells in the affected area. The benefit of radiation therapy over chemo is that it only affects the tumor struck area and not the entire body. It can be used before and after the surgery either to shrink the tumor size or remove any traces of cancer cells. There are three types of radiation therapy-

External Radiation Therapy-

The most common form of radiation therapy where the high-intensity rays are emitted through an external machine outside the body.

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Intra-operative radiation therapy-

The method relies on a probe in the operating room to perform the procedure.


The surgeon will install radioactive sources inside the tumor and let it play.


Instead of rays, Chemotherapy involves the use of intense medication infused directly into the human body. These anti-agents destroys the cancer cells ability to multiply and divide hence braking their progressive stage. Just like radiation, Chemo could be used before and after the surgery for the same goals. Chemotherapy can be scheduled as once a week or once in two weeks depending on your condition and size of your tumor.


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