Reasons to Shift Normal Juicer to Cold Press Juicer


The changing lifestyle and the omnipresent pollution have taken a toll on the immunity of people making them prone to infections, thereby jeopardizing their health. To boost immunity, one needs to eat healthy food. Drinking fruit and vegetable juices is one of the ways of getting healthy since these are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that are required for nourishing the body.

In order to make juices quickly, people often make use of a juicer machine. There are many types of juicers like conventional or normal juicer and cold-pressed or masticating juicer. A conventional juicer machine has its own challenges due to which health-conscious people tend to shift to cold-pressed variants. Few more reasons to make this shift are:

Retains Nutrients, Enzymes and Fibres

Cold-pressed juices retain the nutrients, enzymes and fibres that are generally lost when the juice is extracted using conventional juicers. This is because a lot of heat is generated due to high-speed spinning. For the cold-pressed juices, the juicer runs at a slow speed, so there is minimal heat generated and thus the nutrients don’t get oxidised. Such juices are nutritious with no froth formation.

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Better Quality

As the enzymes, nutrients and fibres present in the fruits and vegetables remain intact in cold-pressed juices, the quality of juice tends to increase manifold. Unlike a regular juicer, where water needs to be added to dilute and sieve the juice out, cold-pressed juicers have a unique cup design, which leads to smooth outflow of juice. Thus, what you get is pure and undiluted high-quality juice.

Higher Juice Yield

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Cold-pressed juicers extract juice first by crushing the vegetables and fruits and then pressing the remaining pulp. This results in higher juice yield. 

Better at Juicing Greens

Cold-pressed juicers are better designed to juice greens like kale, coriander, spinach etc., which are very rich in minerals. Green juices are highly recommended for people who want to lose weight as they are rich in nutrients and low in calories. Soft fruits like berries are also juiced better in these juicers.

Juices are a great way to add more fruits and vegetables to your daily diet. You can juice some of lesser favourite vegetables too like bottle gourd, gooseberry, radish, ash gourd etc. Some people may not like the taste of these vegetables when cooked, hence juicing them could be an easier way to ensure adequate nutrient intake. Adding these vegetables to the juice makes it easy to consume on a regular basis.  

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While we can’t do much about the pollution affecting the fruits and vegetables, we can choose the juicers judiciously. If you are concerned about the juicer price, then the cold juicer price is sure to be a value for investment. By buying a cold pressed juicer, you are making an investment in your health. Keeping in mind the quality of the juice they produce it is worth every penny. Moreover, the branded products come with warranty period, which makes the investment wise as well as safe. 


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