How many most important parts of the human brain?



Physical emotional brain constantly recognizes the basic survival requirements such as wrath and fear like sexual rotation, emotional reactions, based on the size and shape of an almond. As a result, depending on the clues, such as sweating weapons, and recently associated with depression, it also involves depression on autism. It is large in the mind of men, often the brain has increased and it is ridiculous in the elderly.


The part of the brain is that connects to the spinal cord. Maintain the brain stem primarily to the survival of every animal, such as heart rate, breathing, eating, and sleeping. This is the least, most important area of the human mind. Heart beat, breathing.


Two peach-size mounds of folded tissue located at the top of the brain stem, the cerebellum is the guru of skilled, coordinated movement (e.g., returning a tennis serve or throwing a slider down and in) and is involved in some learning pathways.

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This is the largest structure of the brain in humans and approximately two-thirds of the brain’s mass is calculated. It is divided into two directions – left and right sides – which are separated from a deep groove below the center in the soil from the back of the brain. These two sections are connected to long nerve branches called corpus callosum, which is relatively large in women’s brain compared to men. The cerebrum is position of more than the other mindfulness of brain, and it is special for four long works but is richly connected.

The outer 3 mm “gray substance” is a mental cortex which consists of close-packed nerves, which mostly controls our body functions, including consciousness, sensitivity, body’s motor skills, reasonability and language.

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Front Lobe is the most recently developed part of the brain and for the development of the young youth. This is the frame circuit before the Dorso’s background, the brain’s highest executive. It manages responses to complicated issues, measures for one purpose, finds memory for relevant experience, and adjusts strategies to adjust new data, verbal skills and oral tasks Guides. Its meditative circuits arrange socially emotional discrimination for productive behavior, including interpretation of expression, integrity, and expression of face. In this area the stroke usually releases flu language and fatigue behavior patterns.

The Temporal controls the memory storage, emotions, hearing, and, on the left side, language.

The Parietal Lobe receives information about body sensor and additionally calculates the speed of the item.

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The Occipital Lobe has processed visual data and routes in other parts of the brain to identify and store.


It’s deep inside the brain, it keeps new memories for long-term storage. If you did not do this, you could not live in the present, You will have to trapped in the old monuments in the past. It is one of the first functions to eradicate Alzheimer’s.


HYPOTHALAMUS maintains the condition of the body, based on the brain, where the signaling of the brain and body hormonal system is communicated. It controls many physical functions such as blood pressure and body temperature as well as physical weight and hunger.


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