How to Lose Weight by Swimming?

lose weight

Overweight is one of the most bothering problems among the people of this era wherein junk foods, and hectic work schedules are taking a serious toll on the health of people. Unhealthy food habits, lack of exercise, improper work habits, all of these attributes to increase in weight. If timely measures are not taken, this might lead to serious health issues as well.

Hence, it becomes imperative that we do the needful to prevent this from happening. There are many ways through which you can accomplish this task. But swimming is one of the most successful methods of doing it. There are some ways swimming helps you lose weight while giving you workouts with less impact. See also: kratom pros and cons

Swimming extinguishes a considerable number of calories while offering resistance training given by the water. Besides, swimming is a great workout for those who are suffering from joint pain issues, because unlike large impact workouts, swimming relieves the pressure off the joints. Some peoples love also Diving with Diving Mask.

Besides, there is a wide range of different swimming strokes and exercises that you could do. This will also challenge your mettle and extract the boredom from you. Most of them would still be unclear about how swimming can help to lose weight. Hence, we will share with you 7 important ways through which you can lose weight by swimming.

Lose Weight by Swimming

#1. Swimming Can Burn Calories to A Great Extent

lose weight

Were you aware that swimming burns around 500-750 calories in an hour? This result is drawn after conducting the trial on a 150-pound woman. These calories may vary. It might become more or less depending on your stroke cycles. Since this can burn a lot of calories, swimming is always advisable. If you had to swim every day accompanied by a proper food habit, you would accomplish the weight loss mission very soon and also feel happy about it.

#2. Swimming Assists You with Resistance Training

Swimming is the best cardiovascular exercise, like cycling and exercising, but it also offers resistance training as there is water resistance. This is an extra challenge that can aid you in your weight loss missions.

#3. Standard Stroke Cuts Down a Considerable Amount of Calories

lose weight

The standard stroke, which is also called as front stroke or freestyle, burns around 475 to 700 calories an hour depending on how rapidly you are swimming. While going on with the front stroke or standard stroke as it is popularly known, you must switch overarm strokes when quickly kicking your feet. Your face must be beneath the water surface and move your head from side to side alternatively to inhale sufficient air.

#4. Follow the Breast Stroke to Increase Your Swimming Workout Result

The butterfly is a highly challenging stroke among swimming strokes and as a result, based on a 150-pound person, it burns a surprising amount of 750 calories in an hour. You must ensure that you concentrate on proper posture in the breaststroke and rotate your arms in a windmill like motion. Begin with your arms stretched ahead of you and later draw them back towards your stomach and when doing this, make sure you keep with the kicking.

#5. Pool Running Is a Great Calorie Burning Workout Affair

The pool run wearing a 20-pound belt can work wonders you can hardly imagine. This tiring exercise burns around 600 calories in an hour, and it is loads of fun too. You get to experience resistance from the water and also from the weighted belt, and thus, it will aid muscle toning too.

#6. Backstrokes to the Rescue!

The backstroke is again a tiring workout stroke that you can do by laying on your spines simultaneously performing overarm strokes and kicking hard at the same moment. This stroke extinguishes around 450-500 calories depending on a 150-pound woman. The backstroke might look easy to perform, but it is surely a challenging and successful workout and can help you accomplish your weight loss mission.

#7. Practice Swimming Leg Workouts

lose weight

After a brisk twenty minute swim, you could also add a few leg workouts into your fitness regime? You could do flutter kicks by clinging onto the side of the pool and kicking hard and frequently. But it is important that you rest for a while and continue with the exercise by repeating it three times to get rid of those extra calories from your body which you always wished to get rid of!

Swimming is a great way to get rid of those flags and look perfectly toned. Follow these steps, and you might just go from flab to fab!


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