How can a 40-year-old male take care of his skin?


If you want to look positively healthy after 40, you have to give your skin a little more time than you used to give it in your 30s. Now, while that may not sound like a huge task to accomplish. You’ll accept that nothing forbids a friendly skincare schedule quite like a full day at work, or hitting the gym, neither a long commute.

So what is the good news? There is a wide range of things you can do for your skin to look fresh and healthy even after 40 which is truly quite easy. This article will be a compilation and it will be best for you men out there to keep this list humming in the back of your head to always maintain your active glow.

  • The best skin is always clean, so make sure you’re applying a facial cleanser suitable for your skin type. Buy the one that foams, as the foam ones will extract out the dirt underneath the surface as well you will like the fragrance it comes with.
    Dry skin should look for a face wash that comes equipped with essential emollients, such as an oil-based cleanser; creamier varieties with zit-busting formulas that comprise ingredients like salicylic acid.

  • Antioxidants especially rich in vitamins C and E will work brilliantly at defending off UVA and UVB free insurgents, representing almost like an assistant to the chief that is sunscreen. Dermatologists accept that quality antioxidants will assist repair and prevent further skin damage.

  • Moisturize your skin as frequently as needed during the day. If you have applied serum wait for it to dry or wait about five minutes to be precise, apply a good layer of hydrating moisturizer to your skin.
    Oil generation from your skin slows down after the age of 40, so you’ll have to provide oil to the skin from the outside and that too more frequently.

  • Some of you start using eye creams at the young age of 18, while 40 is the right time to buy one if you haven’t yet.
    The skin encompassing the eye is softer and hence more sensitive, it demands a different efficiency and mix of elements than the skin on the rest of your face does. Get this tip straight; stashing the cream in the fridge will tighten blood vessels to lessen inflated bags in the mornings.

  • You all know this that you are what you eat? It connects to your skin as well.
    If you can restrict yourself from consuming junk food and sugar-filled eats, you will more likely have a brighter complexion that’s also healthy. Always try to cut down sugar from your food and within a few days, you’ll see a huge contrast in your skin.

  • If you are 40 and also a smoker at the same time, stop it now. Smoking not only kills but the nicotine and other harmful active ingredients like tar and several others make it extremely harmful for your skin. Also, if you desperately tried but couldn’t. Try to find alternatives to keep your skin healthy.


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