Here are Some Facts about Gait Belt You Should Never Miss

gait belt

Gait belts are a great way of helping the patients and elderly to move and walk. They are designed with attention to detail so that no mishap happens when you are taking care of your loved ones, making them a favorite amongst caregivers and nurses. That said, here are some facts associated with transfer belts which you have been missing out on.

1. They are not designed for patients’ comfort only!

As it is known that manual handling is a major reason of musculoskeletal injuries such as sprains, spinal disc damages, and chronic backaches, amongst caregivers and nurses, Gait belts are designed with the twofold objective of helping the patient and the caregiver by reducing the amount of weight that their back will have to handle.

2. Transfer belts require will-power of the patient for better working.

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By encouraging the patient to push themselves up and keep their weight together when transferring or walking them helps you use the belt more effectively. Plus, when you tell the patient how you are going to go about the process and coordinate with them through a countdown, for having them involved.

3. Use of gait belts for walking is reducing obesity.

The introduction of gait belts with handles in the consumer markets has resulted in more elderly and patients taking a walk with the assistance of caregivers. In this way, the rising levels of obesity amongst the elderly have also decreased.

Receding obesity in patients and elderly also improves their health and boosts their confidence.

4. Hospitals and physician clinics have started saving a lot on worker compensation through transfer belts.

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As discussed above, before transfer belts for patients were introduced, as many as 50% of the nursing staff used to suffer chronic backaches which were a result of handling the patients manually. Because of which, the authorities were abided to pay them the workers’ compensation fund for injuries they have suffered on the job. However, now this has substantially reduced.

5. A multitude of injuries caused due to manual handling can far be avoided.

Injuries due to falls, damages on the skin due to bruising or tearing, and increased pain and discomfort have been avoided with the help of gait belt use to a great extent. Not just that, when the patients can go out with some assistance, they get some fresh air and develop a sense of independence, resulting in a reduction in behavioral disturbances.

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6. Transfer belts make the elderly feel more secure.

By walking with the help of gait belts, the patients, especially the elderly are less skeptical about the process and begin building trust in the caregiver. The reason behind it is the comfort and support they get from the belt, making them believe that they will not fall if a gait belt assists them.

There you have it! Transfer belts have brought more good to the world of partially mobile patients and residents that you can imagine. So, if your loved ones are suffering too, get a gait belt to help them move.


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