Evolution Of Vascular Surgery – Past And Future

Vascular Surgery

Vascular surgery is considered to be a surgical subspecialty under which the disease of the entire vascular system or veins, arteries, and lymphatic circulation are managed by the way of medical therapy, various minimally-invasive catheter procedures as well as a surgical reconstruction.

According to the best cardiologists in India, the evolution of vascular surgery over the time has been remarkable and the same has attained a number of milestones, thereby finding the best medical treatment and addressing the disease very attentively. Vascular surgeons treat extracranial cerebrovascular diseases in all patients.

Evolution of vascular surgery:

The specialty of vascular surgery continues to be based upon the operative venous as well as arterial surgery, however, since the early 1990s the scope in the same has evolved. These days, a considerable amount of emphasis is given on the minimally invasive alternatives to surgery.

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According to the best cardiologists in India, the field of vascular surgery was authentically pioneered by the notable interventional radiologists, especially Dr. Charles Dotter who introduced the concept of angioplasty. Likewise, Dr. Thomas Fogarty invented the idea of a balloon catheter which enabled angioplasty to work successfully. Further developments in the field of vascular surgery were adopted by the joint efforts in between interventional cardiology, interventional radiology as well as vascular surgery.

The development in the field of endovascular surgery has been accompanied by a slow separation of vascular surgery from its very origin in terms of general surgery. As a result, most numbers of vascular surgeons would now restrict their practice to vascular surgery, at the same time, similarly, general surgeons wouldn’t be trained or practice the larger vascular surgery operations or most number of endovascular procedures.

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Notable scientists who are believed to work effortlessly in the field of vascular surgery are Society of Vascular Surgery (SVS), and Australia and New Zealand Society of Vascular Surgeons (ANZ SVS). A number of local societies are also concerned with the job of taking the evolution of the concept of vascular surgery ahead. According to the best cardiologist in India, Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) remains deeply involved with the concept and practice of endovascular therapy.

Current scenario of vascular surgery:

At present, venous and arterial disease treatment using stenting, angiography, and other non-operative varicose vein treatment are quickly replacing all kinds of major surgery in a lot of first world countries. These newer methods and procedures in the field of vascular surgery provide reasonable outcomes which are comparable to the surgery along with a benefit of a short-term stay at the hospital as well as lower rates of morbidity and mortality.

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Vascular surgeons today have become increasingly proficient with all kinds of endovascular methods. The durability of all kinds of endovascular arterial procedures has turned out to be good, particularly when it is looked upon in the context of the general clinical usage. Not only this, a recent trend in the United States of America provides for stand-alone angiography facility which is associated with a private vascular surgery clinic, hence permitting the treatment of most of the arterial endovascular cases very conveniently along with the chances of lesser community cost.


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