7 Types of Makeup That You Can Make At Home


thow harmful they are then you really need to read this blog post. With Optimum Internet Packages and internet plans, I was able to find natural, homemade replacements for makeup.

I used to spend hundreds and thousands of bucks on buying every new launch in makeup.I was constantly wasting my hard-earned money to gather tons of harmful makeup and skincare products. I simply couldn’t imagine leaving makeup! There had to be a solution to this. But what? I was determined to figure out the solution to this. I was not a tech-savvy but I had to browse online about the matter at hand. Therefore, I decided to avail Optimum 200 Packages and  got an internet subscription. And after some extensive browsing and research, I managed to find all my answers. I discovered the natural ingredients that could substitute for makeup! Can you believe that!

So here I am, helping others get their answers! You can actually make your own makeup with the ingredients that are easily available in your kitchen. You can still beautify yourself and enhance your looks. And guess what? Your skin is absolutely safe because of the natural products that you are using. Let’s find out some of these amazing hacks on our Health Blog!

  1. Natural Skin Care


Before and after you apply makeup, you try and use some effective skin care products to keep your skin supple and flawless. Let’s enlighten you with an example of how natural options can be used for skin care.

         Oil-Cleansing Method: Easily doable at home, this method leaves your skin soft, supple, and flawless. Wash your face with raw honey or sugar scrub that has equal parts of natural oil and sugar at night to achieve soft and smooth skin. You can also do natural microdermabrasion, done with baking soda, to make your skin look young and intact.

With a proper skin care regimen that involves natural ingredients, your skin is sure to look so soft and supple that, there will be no need to wear layers of makeup. Skipping makeup on regular days is not a bad idea, provided your skin is soft and flawless. Just a thought! Don’t worry though, I am going to share the recipes to making natural makeup products.

  1. Natural Foundation
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Ready to make a homemade foundation? All you need is arrowroot powder or cornstarch and zinc oxide. Slowly add some cocoa powder and some well-ground cinnamon powder. Mix as much cinnamon powder as much you need to match the shade of your skin tone. Store the mixture in an airtight jar and use a fine brush to apply it every time. It actually took me a good number of tries to achieve the right shade of my skin but totally worth it! Adding a little gold mica powder can give it a smoother texture and make your skin look radiant. You can browse online to get the exact ratios of the said ingredients.

  1. Natural Bronzer
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Again, a natural bronzer can easily be made with a base mixture of arrowroot, cocoa powder, and cinnamon powder. Adding a higher proportion of cocoa powder will darken the shade as per your desire. For a more long-lasting and customizable homemade bronzer, use zinc oxide and cocoa powder to achieve the desired shade.

  1. Natural Blush


The base is again going to be the same. Arrowroot powder, cocoa powder, and cinnamon powder. Just add a powdered and dried beetroot or some dried hibiscus flowers. This will add a nice pink-hued tone that can be used as a perfect blush. You just need to finely powder the ingredients and store the mixture in an old compact powder kit or any other container that you like.

You can also add pink or red hues of mica powder to achieve your desired shade.

  1. Natural Mascara


Take a bowl and mix a couple of drops of Vitamin E oil, a few drops of Aloe Vera gel and a pinch of what is going to bring the black hue of an eyeliner; activated charcoal powder. Mix well and store in an old mascara bottle or any container. Use a mascara wand to apply it to your lashes. Guess what! You can even use this mixture for your oral wellness. Just replace the mascara wand with a toothbrush.

  1. Natural Eye Shadow and Eyeliner


Eyes are the most sensitive parts of your face. Yet, surprisingly, most of the makeup products are designed for the eyes. I would always recommend careful use of products near the eyes, even if they are natural ones. Here are your eye shades: cocoa powder (brown-hued shades), arrowroot (nude and light shades), Spirulina (green-hued shades). Arrowroot can be mixed in any shade for smoothness.

For eyeliner, use a bit of cocoa powder and mix it with coconut powder. Add some whipped shea butter and activated charcoal. And there you go. Mix well and store in a container. Just make sure that you don’t get any inside the eye.

  1. Natural Makeup Remover
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You can simply use rose water or Aloe Vera gel and some cotton to remove all the makeup from your face. When you have these natural and safe options, there is no need to buy any separate and expensive products to remove makeup. Not to mention their chemical-saturated formulas.


To discover more options and formulas to experiment with natural makeup options, don’t be afraid to try things on your own. All my friends have taken the challenge of coming up with their own recipes of natural makeup options. Even my mother has become more conscience about ingredients and all after she got subscribed to Optimum Customer Support. We still compare our recipes to see who has come up with the best. Good luck with yours! 


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