7 Questions You Must Ask Before a Plastic Surgery

plastic surgery

Before deciding on getting a plastic surgery, it is important to do some homework. Apart from the research work and listing out some of the best surgeons, you must also prepare yourself for the initial consultation sessions with the professional. This will help you make a wise, informed decision.

Here are some important questions to ask the prospective surgeon before you go under the knife:

  1. What are your certifications?

This is a crucial question. So do not take it lightly. If you’re in the United States, make you’re your physician is board certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). Did you know there are twenty four Member Boards recognized by the ABMS? The most applicable to cosmetic surgery include:

– Plastic Surgery

– Dermatology

– Plastic Surgery

– Otolaryngology (facial plastic surgeons)

Do your research in detail to know about membership criteria.

  1. What is your experience in practicing plastic surgery (for my procedure)?

The more experience your surgeon in this field, the more qualified they are likely to be. Although every surgeon starts from somewhere, a professional new to the practice may not be the right choice. So make sure you ask about the education of the surgeon and residency. This will help you get a better idea about their qualifications.

  1. Do you have samples of your past work?

You are going to take a major decision of your life. So don’t be afraid of demanding some samples of past work to check. This will give you an idea of the skills of surgeon and whether they can meet your expectations for the procedure you wish to go for.

  1. How much will the surgery cost? Are there additional costs?

This should be a direct question and the surgeon should be able to give a straightforward answer to it. Prices tend to vary from surgeon to surgeon, procedure, aftercare facilities and much more. You should also ask about any additional costs you may require incurring.

  1. Where will my surgery be conducted?

A plastic surgery is a major operation. Hence, it should be conducted only at a reputed hospital or an accredited surgical center. Strictly avoid getting the surgery at a spa/beauty center. In case, you are getting it done at a plastic surgery center that’s not attached to hospital, make sure the surgeon has all requisite hospital privileges. In case, something goes wrong, they can transport you to a local hospital for instant help.

  1. What are the possible complications of this surgery?

It is important to understand any complications you may face as a result of the plastic surgery. Ask your prospective surgeon what might happen? You should know about options in case something happens? How will the medical professionals handle the situation if you face permanent damage?

  1. How long will the results of surgery last?

This is a common yet very important question you must ask your plastic surgeon. Since you are about to invest your hard earned money into a surgery, you would want to know how far it will take you. So discuss this with your prospective surgeon. Make sure you get some tips and instructions on prolonging the life of your rejuvenated look. This is important to achieve the best results.

In a Nutshell

Consulting a plastic surgeon is a serious job. Make sure you take it seriously. Do not be afraid or shy to ask some follow-up questions or anything you might have in your mind. Be curious, concerned, prompt, and diligent. It also helps to do your research prior to making a list of questions you would ask.


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