5 Worst Foods To Avoid When You Have Hemorrhoid

worst foods to avoid

While Hemorrhoid occurs due to bad lifestyles and dehydration, certain foods worsen your hemorrhoid situation and make it linger. We have discussed the five worst foods to avoid when you have hemorrhoid. Avoiding some foods not only helps your health during hemorrhoid by curing hemorrhoid soon but also controls the occurrence of hemorrhoid soon again. Here are the five worst foods to avoid when you have hemorrhoid.

White bread and bagels:

worst foods to avoid

Replace your white bread and bagels with whole wheat bread, oats, etc. White bread does not help your hemorrhoid situation rather make it worse. We recommend whole wheat bread and bakeries, wheat germ, oats as your everyday breakfast items and snacks.

Milk, cheese, and other dairies:

worst foods to avoid

Milk, dairies, cheese and other milk made foods you should avoid when you have hemorrhoid troubles. Milk and milk made foods can cause inflammation and bloat which is not conducive to your system when you are having hemorrhoid pain.

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worst foods to avoid

Avoid the consumption of meat, especially the red meats. Avoid sausages, processed meats, packed meats during the time of your constipation or hemorrhoid. Later when your situation improves, switch to organic meats for the better. Or else, your situation may worsen.

Processed foods,  frozen foods:

worst foods to avoid

Do not eat processed foods, processed snacks when you are going through hemorrhoid. Avoid fast foods and fried foods. For example; hot dogs, fried chicken, beef patties, fries, french fries.  Those are cooked and fried in deep and burnt oil.  Those causes inflammation in your body.

Also, you should control consumption of (if possible, totally avoid) these items

  • Alcohol: Alcohol is a big NO NO. Alcohol not only causes damage to your body but also it dehydrates you. Drinking alcohol worsens your hemorrhoid situation. It’s high time you avoided alcohol drinks.
  • Caffeine: Too much consumption or even moderate consumption of tea, coffee makes your body system dried up by dehydration. Avoid tea, coffee consumption when you have hemorrhoids.
  • Spicy foods: Avoid spicy foods when you have hemorrhoids because spicy foods cause inflammation inside your system.
  • Citrus fruits: Too much citrus and acidic fruits like lime, lemon, orange may cause inflammation and itching in your body when you are having terrible hemorrhoid trouble.
  • Excessive salt and sugar intake: Excessive salt intake can lead to a rise in your blood pressure. Excessive Sugar cause insulin resistance, which is the prime reason behind metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Insulin is a vital hormone in the body which allows glucose (blood sugar) to enter cells from the bloodstream and tells the cells to start burning glucose instead of fat.
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Ignoring and avoiding harmful foods for your hemorrhoid, i.e., white bread and bagels, red meats, processed meats, processed and junk foods, fast foods, spicy foods, too much of citrus fruits,  getting rid of alcohol, excessive caffeine, controlling salt and sugar intake. And gradually shifting from all meats and fast foods diets to the healthy whole grains, nuts, legumes, beans, fruits and vegetable diets, drinking plenty of water throughout the day, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and regular sleep will protect your metabolism, healthy bowel system and will help you get rid of hemorrhoid eventually.

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We have prepared the list five worst foods to avoid when you have hemorrhoid after researching and contemplating data from different sources. We hope our list of Worst Foods for Hemorrhoids will help you select which food items you should deduct from your everyday food menu when you are going through this painful problem of hemorrhoid. Beside food intake, you should know about other activate so that you can stop bleeding hemorrhoid fast in my website.

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